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Lorraine MacDonald Griffin
Born 1965 Lorraine MacDonald, in Inverness, Scotland.

Lorraine studied graphic design at Aberdeen College of Commerce 1982 - 84, and pursued a successful career as a graphic designer engaging in a variety of disciplines. In 1991 she began specializing with the sandblasting process on different materials which led to designing and managing the production of signage, public artworks and interpretive art projects for numerous public bodies and private clients in the UK.

In 2013 Lorraine returned to education and completed a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art  gaining a first in 2016, followed by completing an MA in Fine Art at University of Suffolk in September 2018. Lorraine’s current art practice engages with the human condition, creating sculptural representations using ready-mades and items from the everyday, repurposed and layered with narratives to raise questions about the psychological well-being of humans in today's society.

35 years on Lorraine in now teaching Art and design in FE where she brings empirical knowledge through her professional roles of graphic designer, artist, manager, creative director and chairperson. She has in depth expertise of the sandblasting process to create high quality visual products, and is presently available to work in a range of mediums for public art and community projects. Lorraine believes community engagement is key to the success of many art projects and is a stimulus to bring the community together.

Lorraine offers graphic design services for logos, branding, print, POS, exhibition, media and unusual projects where you need a artists/designer who thinks outside the box.

If you like Lorraine's work and are interested in working with her on a project please get in touch...


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