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Degree Project

Gender and the Gods
During my BA degree course I realized myself as a 3D artist, creating sculpture from plaster casting fused with taxidermy, found objects and abject materials. For the finale, my degree project, I embarked on a journey to create sculpture using hot metal casting. Seen here on the left is a Minotaur figure cast in lead. The figure was created in clay first, then molds were made using, clay, two pack rubber mold and outer plaster casts wrapped around the inner molds. Eventually the figure was poured in May 2016. It was all trial and error, but with the help of two other innovative enthusiasts we got the end result. The image shows interesting layering in the lead as it cooled giving an effect similar to armor on the figure. Weighing in at around 85-90 kg this work is a heavy weight. I learned a lot from this project, and plan to use hot metal casting again.


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