Artist  Statement


My work while studying a BA Hon Degree and MA in fine art was in retrospect a journey of reflection: A narrative, 'perhaps' of the average middle class Scottish woman's personal struggle, while tugging on the connectors to the power of the female growing up with the feminism of the 70s. An accolade, or a gift given to those women born in 1965, you would think? The practice indulged the narrative of the changing guises and experiences being: a child, girl, teenager, woman, lover, wife, mother. Followed by separateness, detachment, lack of attachment, isolation that divorce, single parenting, middle age, menopause, and looming old age brings! A vortex of confusion that 70s feminism did not forsee, nor the universal representations that are static in our living existence.


I've found my niche in 3D and sculpture during my study on the BA course, and continued this development studying an MA in the same discipline. I experimented with found objects that I modified to create narratives through the works. I subsequently moved in an abstract direction using anthropomorphic representation of human limbs and subjected human representation using ready-made retail mannequins.